Garden Club of Darien



Mission Statement

The purpose of the Garden Club of America is to stimulate the knowledge and the love of gardening; to share the advantages of association by means of open meetings, conference, correspondence, and publication; to restore, improve, and protect the quality of this environment through programs and action in the field of conservation, civic improvement, and education.

Representatives to The Garden Club of America Committees from the Garden Club of Darien:

Irene Miltimore (Mrs. L. Dean), Zone 2 Founders Fund Representative

Carolyn Schoonmaker is a co-chair of the GCA Hospitality Committee. She is responsible for planning, preparing and overseeing the preparation of meals served at GCA headquarters, and for providing hospitality, including meals for the Baord of Directors, national committees and member meetings at headquarters.

Cyndy Stamm is the Zone 2 representative to the Admissions Committee. The purpose of the Admissions Committee is to evaluate membership proposals for clubs, GCA Honorary Members and Courtesy clubs in order to admit those clubs and persons which best exemplify and promote the ideals of The Garden Club of America.

The Garden Club of Darien Judges, certified by the Garden Club of America


Lois Baylis (Mrs. Robert M.)
Nancy Cammann (Mrs. George B.) Emeritus
Judy Rodriguez (Mrs. J. Paul) Emeritus
Eleanor Cassilly (Mrs. J. Stuart)
Susan Cator (Mrs. David C.) (candidate)

Flower Arranging

Ann Webber (Mrs. Frank M.)
Irene Miltmore (Mrs. L. Dean) (prospective)


Amy Cammann Cholnoky (prospective)

Susan Cheswick Brewer (candidate)